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Joseph Ash


Joseph was born and raised in Anaheim, CA. As a teenager, his interests were Photography, Classic Cars, and skateboarding, as well as, embracing his Filipino, Mexican and Irish roots. His mother inspired him to pursue the art and culture of the Philippines when she joined Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon (Mark of the Four Waves). His interest in learning the traditional arts motivated him to follow a career in the revival. In 2016, after graduating high school, he began working at Spiritual Journey Tattoo, where he became the first man to revive the traditional Bontoc Chaklag (chest tattoo). Under Elle’s guidance, Joseph began his apprenticeship in 2017. Learning the traditional techniques of Handpoke, Hand-Tap, and Tapoke, he honed his skills towards the Handpoke style. Now specializing in the technique, Joseph tattoos with hybrid Filipino/Mexican motifs and hopes to one day make a name for himself in the Traditional Tattoo Community.

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