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Nicolette Torres

Nicolette Torres piercer for Spritiual Journey Tattoo

Nicolette was born and raised in San Diego. After high school, she pursued a career in Massage Therapy and spent the next 5 years traveling and learning healing techniques from around the world. While traveling, she was exposed to many indigenous cultures and their forms of body modification. As a teenager, Nicolette was always the friend that others would call to pierce them. After giving and receiving countless piercings, she decided to become a professional Body Piercer under the guidance of Elle Mana-Festin and his mentor, Matt Southwood. Her drive to help people feel more comfortable and confident in their body (and a slight case of perfectionism) gives her an upper hand in the world of piercing. Aside from being a Professional Body Piercer, she is also a Tattoo Apprentice to Elle Mana-Festin. She practices the traditional tattooing technique of handpoke as well as the more modern technique with the machine.

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