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Jazmine Atienza

Jazmine Atienza tattoo artist for Spiritual Journey Tattoo

Jazmine is a natural born artist. At 7 years old, she picked up a paintbrush and began creating. She studied Graphic Design in Cincinnati until she moved to NYC to explore big city life and pursue her career. After a trip to the Philippines in 2011, she discovered the cultural significance of tattooing. Her passion was ignited and 2 years later she moved to Southern California to apprentice under Elle at Spiritual Journey. She learned traditional techniques of hand tapping and hand poke before eventually shifting to work with a machine in 2015. Jaz learned quickly, becoming confident in her skills and teaching herself intricate shading. She has established a reputation as a talented artist in tribal style and other forms of black work and line art illustration, while still maintaining her expressions through paint and graphic design.

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