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Piercing Aftercare

All piercers have their own opinion about what is the best way to care for a fresh piercing. We recommend that you follow the regimen given to you by your piercer. Anyone pierced at Spiritual Journey should use the following steps. Healing times vary based on the type of piercing and how well your body reacts to a foreign object. Consult with piercer for healing times.

DO NOT spin or rotate your jewelry!! This is similar to picking at a scab and will cause scar tissue to form possibly leading to hypertrophic scarring (more commonly known as a trauma bump).

For healing, the number one method we prefer is a piercing aftercare spray, sold in shop.

Another option: Mix 4 teaspoons of non-iodized salt + 1 gallon of distilled water. This will give you a jug to keep around the house, to be stored at room temperature.

Once or twice daily, fill a mug or glass shot glass (no plastic or metal) with the saltwater solution. Heat it up slightly to body temperature (not too hot!) Submerge your piercing in the solution for 7-10 minutes.
If submerging your piercing isn’t possible, take a paper towel soaked in the saltwater solution and compress it onto the piercing for 7-10 minutes.

DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, or A&D ointment to clean your piercing. These can clog or be too harsh on the open wound. (There are special exceptions when you may use alcohol or Bactine, see a professional before using)

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